Welcome to Mortgage Commentary Services! Whether you are a mortgage professional that needs to utilize your time more wisely than following the markets on a daily basis or a mortgage shopper that needs an unbiased opinion on what is affecting mortgage rates and which direction they are heading, this site is for you.


Our Daily Mortgage Commentary is a brief report that takes the complex economic data affecting mortgage rates and translates it into an easy to understand newsletter. Following each update to the report, we will e-mail it you so that you are "in the know" and can make educated decisions regarding your (or your client's) interest rate. For Standard Subscription clients, we will also send to your mail list on your behalf.

The report is written and posted a minimum of 6 days a week. M-F morning reports address that day's economic data, its impact on the morning markets and rates and a brief outline of what to expect the next business day. The 6th day is a weekly preview and itemization of the upcoming week that is posted Sunday evenings. Additionally, there are periodic afternoon updates to the report due to significant events such as FOMC meetings or market movements that lead to a drastic change in mortgage rates.


The last paragraph in the report is our Lock/Float recommendations. The recommendations are broken down into four different time periods. We believe that they are consistently accurate, however, please keep in mind that they are not guaranteed. The recommendations and graphic are optional for Standard Subscription clients can be excluded from the web and e-mailed reports if you choose.

We are excited about the opportunity to provide our Daily Mortgage Commentary to you, your potential borrowers and business sources. We are certain that you and your readers will find it to be quite useful and to be a great marketing tool that is well worth the small investment.